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Tuition & Fees

Introducing DDC's All-Inclusive

Monthly Dance Package

Detroit Dance Center®
All -Inclusive Dance Package
2024-2025 Full Season Program

4 - 8 Week Sessions**

New sessions begin on a rolling basis.

** 4-8 week session classes do not perform in the year-end concert

Adult Class

4-Week Session

Mini Movers
8-Week Session

Membership Fee

Monthly Class Tuition

*Full-Year Discount

There is a $40.00, per student ($120 per family) non-refundable annual membership fee, which covers the entire dance year from August - July

DDC's tuition covers the dance season, which spans from September to June—understanding that our monthly tuition is not determined by the number of classes in a particular month. Instead, the total tuition for the dance season is divided by the number of months remaining in the program, regardless of how many classes are held during a specific month. This means that your tuition remains unchanged, regardless of whether there are three (3) or five (5) classes in a month due to the calendar or school vacations. All tuition is paid for via auto-pay on the 15th of each month.

There is a 5% discount for tuition paid in full at the beginning of the dance season in September

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