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​DDC’s primary focus is the overall experience and individual growth of the student. Our goal is to teach proper technique in level-based classes, progress our preschoolers while enjoying the excitement of movement, offer a place for all dancers to build team love, and give students a place to belong.  We strive to celebrate dance through performance and offer competitive opportunities to those who are interested. We would love to have you and your dancer(s) as part of our growing community.  If your star is born to perform or just wants to try something new, we are the studio for you!

For those who want to say "Hi" to us for the first time or never had a chance to step foot on the dance floor, we want you to come see us and...

Try a Dance Class Today!

Check out our list of available trial classes by age group.

Pick One Day to try a class and join in on the movement!


Ages 3.5 - 5

Belle Isle Bunnies

Ballet/Tap Combo     Thu     5:15p (Ages 3 - 4)

Jazz/Acro Combo     Thu     6:05p (Ages 4.5 - 5)


Ages 6 - 8

Tiger Cubs

Ballet                    Tue              6:05p

Jazz/Hip Hop        Thu              7:45p

AcroDance            Sat              12:30p

Ballet                     Sat              2:10p

Tap                        Sat              1:20p


Ages 8 & Up

The Designers

Ballet                     Wed            5:15p

Jazz/Hip Hop         Wed            6:55p

AcroDance             Sat             10:50a

Tap                         Sat             1:20p

Contemporary        Sat             3:00p

Are you ready to join the exciting world of dance?

Much like any extracurricular sport or activity, dance training and performance is a commitment both physically and financially.

Please check out our Tuition & Fees page to obtain the most up-to-date information on our current dance season fees so that you can make the most financially informed decision, should you wish enroll yourself and/or your dancer(s) in our dance training program.


The staff at DDC has one common goal; to foster an inclusive environment so that all students who wish to let go and dance can do so with proper training, compassion, and encouragement.


Parents choose Detroit Dance Center® for two reasons - we have incredible classes, and we have rockstar teachers! We understand that it’s essential to know that your dancer is in the right hands. 

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