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Our Story: It Was All A Dream

In a world transformed by a global pandemic, the sparks of passion ignited a new beginning. Detroit Dance Center's journey emerged from the depths of uncertainty, as three dedicated dance instructors sought to redefine the path of dance education. As academic institutions shuttered and the familiar rhythms of life faded, the question echoed: "How can we rewrite the dance?"

From this question sprouted the vision of Detroit Dance Center. A phoenix rising from the challenges, not just to become a premier dance studio in Detroit, but a beacon of inspiration for dancers near and far. Our mission transcends traditional training, extending a hand to both budding artists and those with audacious dreams. We weave a tapestry of dance education that not only nurtures recreational dancers but propels dedicated individuals toward the grand stages of collegiate pursuits and industry auditions.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:

Detroit Dance Center is committed to providing a comprehensive training curriculum that prepares students for success in the dance world through disciplined, conservatory-style instruction. Our mission is to inspire aspiring dancers in the Detroit Metro Area with a curriculum that promotes creative expression, disciplined training, and a celebration of the joy that dance brings. We tailor our curriculum to each dancer's goals, skills, and abilities, fostering a continuous growth journey in their performing arts education.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to establish the Detroit Dance Center as the destination for thousands of dancers, drawing talent from across the Detroit Metro Area and beyond. We aspire to offer a dance training curriculum embraced and practiced worldwide, empowering dancers to achieve excellence. In our pursuit of excellence, we are dedicated to cultivating a dynamic and enjoyable environment for our dance families and staff.

Our Values:

Our values are rooted in fostering a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere that extends to our instructors, students, and parents. We believe in creating a space where everyone can grow, have fun, and contribute to the community's vitality. We are committed to nurturing careers within the performing arts and providing a purposeful career path for those working within the industry. Detroit Dance Center is not just a place of dance; it's a community where passion meets purpose and everyone flourishes in their unique dance journey

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