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Features & Benefits

The top reasons students join and remain with Detroit Dance Center

Our modern, spacious studios are equipped with sprung dance floors and large windows, creating an inspiring environment for your child to flourish.

Beautiful, Modern Studio

The friendships and connections made at DDC last a lifetime. Our older students serve as role models for the younger ones, fostering a family-friendly environment that promotes positive interactions among students, families, and staff.

A Community That Feels Like Family

Our certified instructors are not just experienced professionals; they are caring and compassionate individuals committed to helping each student cultivate a lifelong love for dance.

Expert, Compassionate Instructors

We understand the importance of individualized instruction. That's why we limit our class sizes to ensure that each child receives the attention they deserve. 

Personalized Attention

We believe children should be children for as long as possible and we do what is right, not what is popular. Our costumes are tasteful and modest and our choreography is developmentally appropriate.

Appropriate and Modest

DDC aims to be a safe haven where children can develop, learn, and be creative. We strive to instill self-confidence in our students, empowering them to take on the world with grace and poise.

Building Confidence

Want To Know More?

Request additional information about our exciting dance programs, class schedules, and special offers today!

At Detroit Dance Center (DDC), we don't just teach dance; we nurture the holistic development of each student. Our primary focus is on the overall experience and individual growth of your child. Whether your little star aspires to be a triple-threat performer or simply wants to explore the joy of movement, DDC is the perfect place to begin their dance journey.

Why Choose DDC for Your Child's Dance Journey?

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