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Discover the Joy of Dance at Detroit Dance Center!

At Detroit Dance Center, we offer exceptional programs to nurture your passion for dance at any age

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Early Childhood Dance Program

(The Inventors)

"Where imagination and creativity come to life"

Ages 2yrs - 7yrs 

Mini Movers

Ages 2 -3 with Grown Up

Mini Movers is a 30-minute, interactive class designed for toddlers and their grown-ups, offering a unique blend of fun, fitness, and family bonding. The class is divided into three enriching sections:

ENGAGE - Playful Start
Kick off the class with a delightful mix of music, nursery rhymes, and interactive play. This segment aims to create joyful connections between you and your little one.

EXPLORE - Adventure Zone
Journey through an imaginative world featuring stepping stones, tunnels, and sensory activities. This phase is all about sparking curiosity and enhancing coordination.

EXPRESS - Creative Movement
Let your child's creativity soar with the help of ribbons, maracas, and wands. This is the time for free dance and self-expression.

Ideal for parents, grandparents, or any immediate family member, Dancing Tots not only develops essential skills like coordination, balance, and rhythm but also nurtures play, development, and lasting memories. Come join us to bounce, explore, and create with your special little mover!



Belle Isle Bunnies

Ages 3 -5 

Designed for children ages 3 to 5, this 45-minute combination class offers a lively and engaging introduction to formal dance training. Without the need for parent participation, your little dancer will explore the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, and acro dance in a vibrant and interactive setting.

Our Combo Class aims to provide a comprehensive preparatory dance education. Through a variety of movement activities, we focus on developing essential skills such as coordination, direction, balance, and rhythm. The use of colorful props and imaginative themes adds a touch of fantasy, making the learning experience both fun and dynamic.

Tiger Cubs

Ages 6-7 

Tailored for children ages 6 to 7, our 45-minute Dance Foundations Class offers a comprehensive introduction to formal dance training without the need for parental involvement. Your young dancer will delve into the core elements of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, and acro dance in an engaging and supportive environment.

This program places a strong emphasis on building foundational dance skills. From basic genre-specific techniques to flexibility and stretching exercises, we've got it all covered. The class also focuses on enhancing musicality and core strength, ensuring a well-rounded dance education.

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Youth Dance Program

(The Designer & The Engineer)

"Where Creativity Finds Purpose and Takes Flight"

Ages 8yrs -17yrs 

The Designer

Ages 8-17 

Open to students ages 8-17, the Designer Dance Program at Detroit Dance Center offers a comprehensive dance education tailored for those with 4 years or less of dance training. This program covers a wide range of dance styles, including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, contemporary, modern, and acrobatic arts, all while emphasizing classical dance training.

The Designer Dance Program focuses on building foundational skills crucial for each dance genre, such as flexibility, stretching, musicality, and core strength. No prior dance experience? No worries! We assess each student to tailor the training to their current abilities.

The Engineer

Ages 8-17 

Designed for dedicated dancers ages 8-17 with more than 4 years of dance training, the Engineer Dance Program at Detroit Dance Center takes your dance education to the next level. This program offers an advanced curriculum that goes beyond the fundamentals, covering ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, contemporary, modern, and acrobatic arts with a focus on classical dance training.

The Engineer Program emphasizes detail-oriented dance techniques, flexibility, stretching, musicality, core strength, and choreography. An evaluation is required for class registration to ensure that the program aligns with your current skill level.

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