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Why Is DDC The Studio For You?

​DDC’s primary focus is the overall experience and individual growth of the student. Our goal is to teach proper technique in level-based classes, progress our preschoolers while enjoying the excitement of movement, offer a place for all dancers to build team love, and give students a place to belong.  We strive to celebrate dance through performance and offer competitive opportunities to those who are interested. We would love to have you and your dancer(s) as part of our growing community.  If your star wants to be that triple threat performer or just wants to try something new, we are the studio for you!

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Features and Benefits

The top reasons students join and remain with Detroit Dance Center

Beautiful, Modern Studios

Detr0it Dance Center has state-of-the-art, ample sized studios with sprung dance floors and large windows.

Family Friendly Environment

Friendships and connections made at Detroit Dance Center last a lifetime. Our older students look after the younger children and become role models in the process. We promote positive interactions between all students, families and staff members.

Caring, Dedicated Instructors

Our instructors are committed to helping each student cultivate a lifelong love of dance. We are experienced, certified professionals who are caring and compassionate. 

Limited Class Sizes

To ensure your child receives individualized instruction, we purposefully limit classes to no more than 15 students for ages 8 and up, and no more than 12 students for ages 3.5 - 7.

Appropriate and Modest

We believe children should be children for as long as possible and we do what is right, not what is popular. Our costumes are tasteful and modest and our choreography is developmentally appropriate.

Build Confidence

DDC strives to help each child gain self confidence. We believe children need a safe place to develop, learn, and be creative. Our dancers leave DDC with the confidence to take on the world!

Features & Benefits
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  • Where are you located?
    We are located at 831 Selden Street in Detroit, MI, on the corner of Selden St., between 3rd and 4th.
  • When does the dance season start?
    - The 2023-2024 dance season started on September 11, 2023. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the dance season, based on class availability. - Our 8-week Dancing Tots sessions occur throughout the dance season. We normally have two sessions in the Fall, Winter, and seasons. Join our mailing list to keep updated on when Dancing Tots enrollment opens.
  • Why is your monthly tuition higher than other studios in the area?
    Actually, our all-inclusive tuition rates are very comparable to other studios in the metro area. Based on feedback received from our dance families, we've streamlined our dance package to include class tuition, costumes, and concert participation to be spread out monthly over the dance season. No surprises and no extra fees are billed to our families during the dance season. Please check out our "Tuition & Fees" tab for detailed information.
  • My dancer has dance experience, which classes should I place them in?
    All dancers who have prior dance training are welcome to be evaluated for class placement. Please keep checking our website and social media platforms for upcoming evaluation dates and times.
  • Can my child try-out a class?
    Absolutely! We offer trial classes for all of our dance programs. Normally, we offer the opportunity to trial classes after the month of October in the current dance season.
  • Are classes co-ed?
    Yes. All classes are co-ed. Should there be an interest in gender specific classes (i.e. boys tap/hip-hop) we will try our best to accomodate the request, based on the number of interested registrants.
  • I have a special needs dancer. Will this studio be able to accomodate?
    Yes. We have an number of instructors that have experience in working with students who need special accomodations. Please reach out to us and we will set up a time to meet and evaluate how best to highlight your dancers unique abilities.
  • Are parents allowed to attend or sit-in class with their preschool dancer?
    Our Dancing Tots program (2 to age 3.5) welcomes parents/guardians to participate in class with their dancer. However, for our Belle Isle Bunnies program (ages 3.5 - 5), we do not have parents/guardians view the class while in session. In this program we are preparing our young children to become focused, independent dancers. Adults sitting in the class or peeking through the doorway can cause a distraction to your dancer, as well as other dancers in class. If you have a dancer who wants to dance but still has separation issues, we welcome you to enroll in our "Dancing Tots" program, where all are welcome, regardless of age.
  • Will your adult classes be appropriate for those ages 50+?
    Absolutely! Our adult classes are appropriate for all levels and abilities, regardless of age.

Tuition & Fees

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Registration Fee

There is a $30.00, per student ($120 per family) non-refundable annual registration fee, which covers the entire dance year from August - July

Monthly Tuition

DDC's tuition covers the dance season, which spans from September to June—understanding that our monthly tuition is not determined by the number of classes in a particular month. Instead, the total tuition for the dance season is divided by the number of months remaining in the program, regardless of how many classes are held during a specific month. This means that your tuition remains unchanged, regardless of whether there are three (3) or five (5) classes in a month due to the calendar or school vacations. All tuition is paid for via auto-pay on the 15th of each month.

*Full Year Discount
There is a 5% discount for tuition paid in full at the beginning of the dance season in September.

Tuition & Fee

Client Testimonial

We love DDC. My girls attend and are always ready to show up to class even my oldest who never wants to do anything, which means DDC is doing a great job. Keeping the kids attentive and ready to learn. All the instructors are always smiling and welcoming.

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I absolutely love ddc! My daughter is 4 she is a belle island bunny She attends 4 classes which are ballet , tap , hip hop and tumbling which they are split into combo classes. The teachers are very kind, friendly, and patient and they love working with the kids. She is learning at great rate and it’s worth every penny!😀

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