The Designer

"Creativity now has a purpose and meaning"

LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate

AGES: 8-17 (Age by October 1st)

EVALUATION: Not Required

CLASSES: Ballet, Hip-Hop/Jazz, Contemporary, Tap,

Acrobatic Dance, and Progressive Ballet Techniques

DURATION: 10-Month Program

This level is for students who have 4 years or less of dance training. This program focuses on the foundational skills needed for dance such as the basic skills needed for that genre, flexibility, stretching, musicality, core strength, musicality, and basic technique.  No previous dance experience is required. Dancers will be placed, based on skill level, in either Designer I, Designer II, Designer III, and/or be invited to be a member of The Academy.

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DDC provides a dance curriculum for children and adults who love dancing for fun or want to pursue dance as a profession.

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