Supplemental Programs

LEVEL: Beginning - Advance

AGES: 7-18

EVALUATION: Invitation Only

Accelerator Workshop

Serious student in all levels may be hand selected to participate in the Accelerator workshop to assist in pursuing pre-professional training. DDC faculty follow a specific curriculum designed to strengthen technique, stamina, and discipline through practical training and lessons in theory.  Workshops will be divided based on skill level: Accelerator I, Accelerator II, and Accelerator III.

Pre-Pointe (ages 8 and up)

Students must have their ballet teacher’s approval to enroll in a pre-pointe class.  Pre-Pointe is for students who want to build strength endurance so that they can be ready for pointe.  If a student is not ready for pointe after their year-end evaluation, they must re-take pre-pointe.

Pointe (ages 12 and up)

The decision to go onto pointe is not a light one and many factors must be taken into consideration; including the student’s basic ballet technique, specific strength and mobility of the feet and ankles, turnout and core control, maturity and bone development.  Students should be taking at least 2-3 ballet classes a week for at least a year before starting en pointe.  Some (but not all) of our requirements for pointe are as follows:

  • Must be 12 or older;

  • Must have 3 consecutive years of ballet training;

  • Must have ballet technique classes at least 2x a week;

  • Must have taken our pre-pointe class.

  • If a student is coming from another studio and already on pointe, they will be evaluated and redirected as necessary;

  • If a student is transferring from another studio and was “going to be placed on pointe”, the student will be sent to Pre-Pointe first and then on Pointe if they appear to be ready.