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Our Story

It Was All A Dream

What do you get with you mix three passionate dance instructors with a global pandemic? You get budding studio owners. With the closing of so many academic institutions and extra-curricular activities, the DDC management team was faced with a hard question, "how would we do things differently?"


It was from that question that Detroit Dance Center was birthed. Not only did we begin planning to become the new premier dance studio in the City of Detroit, we also planned to become the new "Motown" for dancers. Providing a rigorous dance curriculum that not only provides quality recreational dance training, but also, one that prepared serious dancers for dance in college and audition season in the industry. 

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:
Detroit Dance Center's (DDC) mission is to bring the spotlight back to the immense talent that Detroit has to offer through dance education. Our focus is to provide a state-of-the-art dance facility that encompasses all dance genres, allowing students to have the proper training to have a professional career in dance, and cater to the underserved communities in Metro Detroit.


Our Vision:
DDC looks to embody a structured training curriculum that is nationally recognized for the development and training of dancers. Not only are our founders building a dance curriculum from the ground up, but we will also have or will hold certifications in ABT’s National Training Curriculum, The Cecchetti Method of Ballet, Progressive Ballet Techniques, and Acrobatic Arts. By implementing these national and international dance training curriculums in our program, we ensure our students receive the proper training to take them to stages worldwide. 

Our Values:
Detroit Dance Center is a minority and women-owned organization. The founders were born and raised within the Detroit city limits, educated in the Detroit Public Schools system, and live and work within the city. DDC’s founders understand the importance of community engagement, and the training of our children to be future leaders will make the city stronger because we live it. We want to provide an outlet for those little performers who dance in their bedroom but cannot get to the popular dance schools in the suburbs. We want students to feel included when conversely, they feel like they’re alone. DDC will foster an inclusive environment so that all students who wish to let go and dance can do so with our compassion, training, and encouragement.

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