The Fellas

"Bring in da' Funk"

LEVEL: Preschool - Beginner

AGES: 4 - 12

UNIFORM: White shirt & Black pants/shorts

CLASSES: Hip-Hop, Tap, and Ballet

DURATION: 10-Month Program

Boys Combination (ages 4-6)

This combination class is dedicated strictly for our boys. Combination Programs are designed to introduce and develop formal dance training in a fun and dynamic way. These classes consist of 30 minutes each of Hip Hop and Tap techniques. Combination classes ensure a well-rounded preparatory dance education. Your mover is going to have so much fun moving, bouncing, and tapping with us!

Beginner Boys (ages 7-12)

This level is for boys who have 4 years or less of  dance training. This program focuses on the foundational skills needed for hip hop, tap, and ballet such as flexibility, stretching, core strength, musicality and basic technique.