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At Detroit Dance Center, we provide quality dance education to students of all ages and levels. We are committed to providing stellar dance training in the city of Detroit.

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DDC provides a dance curriculum for children and adults who love dancing for fun or want to pursue dance as a profession.

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DDC offers a range of classes for children and adults to fit in with your schedule. 

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Learn what DDC is all about. From our age specific programs to our caring instructors, we are here to answer your questions

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You were born to dance. That's why we're here. At Detroit Dance Center, we believe in the power of dance and the way it can change people's lives.

Quality Classes - Dancing should be joyful!

We offer quality dance classes in a variety of styles for all ages and experience levels that includes ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, modern and acro dance for ages 2 & up.

Experienced Instructors - You deserve the best!

Our instructors are experienced dancers with an average of 10+ years of experience teaching beginners & pro dancers alike. We understand that learning is a process & that practice makes perfect!

State-of-the-art Studio - The best training ground for your potential!

Detroit Dance Center is located in Midtown Detroit just minutes from downtown. Our spacious studio offers a professional atmosphere complete with mirrors and plenty of room to move around. We're committed to providing you with the best training ground for your potential!

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Discover Our Dance Program 

Detroit is the Motor City; the birthplace of the modern automobile.  Cars, in many ways, can be considered art.  It's a sculpture in motion. The building of an automobile starts as an idea, then becomes a drawing that evolves into a prototype. Once that automobile goes through a vast amount of testing, it is eventually brought onto the stage for the reveal.

Detroit Dance Center's program is very much like building an automobile.  Your dancer will be fine-tuned during each step of our dance training curriculum.  From the discovery of creative movements already inside of them to the testing of their foundation, strength, and control.  Through commitment, work, and dedication, your dancer will become that shining star, ready for the world to see.

We welcome you to view our programs below for more detailed information.


Youth Program

"Creativity now has a purpose and a meaning" 


AGES: 8 & Up


Early Childhood

"Where imagination and creativity come to life"


AGES: 2 - 7


The Academy

"The preparation to excellence"​

AGES: 8 & Up


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Give Your Child The Gift of Dance!

Nurture your child's love of dance at our dazzling, state-of-the-art dance studio. As a student, your child will develop their confidence and dance technique, all while making life long friends.

What Our Dance Family Has To Say

Detroit Dance Center is THE place to be if you want your child to receive top notch dance training, in the city of Detroit......My niece dances there (they make sure to call them dancers and not kids/children) and she's always practicing at home to make sure what she learned, actually sticks. I highly recommend DDC to anyone looking to start their dancer's training.

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My daughter love it and look forward to going every week...This is the best thing they could have done for us as a community and happy to see woman with color make the way for our youth..

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